BARIC Continuity Services Inc.

This Privacy Policy applies to BARIC Continuity Services, Inc., including all of its companies, affiliates and
subsidiaries worldwide ("BARIC"); pertaining to all BARIC-owned websites and domains.

Your privacy is important to BARIC. We recognize the necessity of adequately protecting your personally
identifiable information and are committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy discloses what type of
information may be gathered and tracked, how the information may be utilized, and with whom the information
may be shared.

Theinformation we collect
BARIC collects and stores personal information from its job applicants, current and former employees. This
information may emerge as a direct result of an applicant voluntarily submitting an Employment Application and
Background Check Authorization form during the interview/pre-employment process. This information is stored
securely in our database for an indefinite period.

BARIC may collect personally identifiable information, that you provide us with, in order to make available certain
services to you. This information may flow from various channels, including but not limited to survey forms, email,
the Contact Us form, or other similar methods of communication.

How the information is used
Any information you provide to us may be used to enhance our products and services, so that we can develop, test,
and provide products and services to best suit your needs. BARIC does not utilize input it may receive from any
other website affiliate in connection with information that you may provide.

In the future, BARIC will provide a customer portal to be used for managing your inventory of your BC resources
and associated recovery plans. Extra security measures have been implemented, as discussed below, in order to
maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your proprietary information. Confidentiality is maintained in
accordance with the terms of the applicable written agreement(s) with confidentiality, publicity, advertising, and/or
related terms, which may be in effect between our companies.

With whom we share information
BARIC does not share with third parties any of the information with which you provide us.

BARIC may disclose personally identifiable information without your knowledge or consent only if the disclosure is
required to comply with a subpoena or warrant issued or an order made by a court, person, or body with jurisdiction
to compel the production of information, or to comply with rules of a court relating to the production of records;
when the disclosure is to a government institution in response to a request for information related to national
security or international affairs; or for the purpose of enforcing a law of the domestic or a foreign jurisdiction.

In the event that BARIC is acquired by or merged with another company (except as otherwise set forth in a written
agreement that you may have with BARIC), BARIC may disclose, without your knowledge or consent, any and all
information to the acquiring or merged company.

BARIC maintains electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards that are in compliance with federal regulations to
protect any personally identifiable information about you. The Secure Portal will require a login ID and password as
added protection, which then redirects you to a secure https (SSL) website that acts as an additional
encryption/authentication layer. All information is saved in either server or database level. These are both
integrated into our infrastructure, which is behind a secure firewall and requires server/database level login.

Third Party Websites
While browsing BARIC websites, there may be links that navigate away from the BARIC website to third party
websites. BARIC takes no responsibility for the privacy practices of those third party websites. Any information
you provide to third party websites is not covered by the BARIC Privacy Policy and we encourage you to examine
the privacy policy of any third party before submitting any information.

Your personal information
You have the right to ask BARIC to provide you with a copy of the information we store about you. Certain
national laws may require a small charge for this type of request. You may also ask that we delete, revise, or correct
your personal information by sending an email to:

This Privacy Policy was last updated on July 22nd, 2010. BARIC may periodically update or modify this Privacy
Policy. Please be sure to check this Privacy Policy regularly for any important modifications or changes in its

Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how our information is collected, used, or shared, please
email the BARIC webmaster at: You may also contact us by phone or in writing at the
coordinates identified on the Contact Us web page.

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