BARIC - Planning for you to be there ........ in the long term

Your organization has taken time to be where it is and you do not want to see it disappear
over night.

The BARIC Principals have many years of pertinent
experience in not only planning for undesirable events, but
also in real world recovery in events such as 9-11, Hurricane
Katrina and the like. BARIC brings more than theoretical
input. This translates into better evaluations, continuity
and ultimately in the testing process. The BARIC
contacts, built over long careers are made available to
clients, saving time and frustration in sourcing ancillary
tools needed to complete strategies. Using BARIC services
save costs as projects are completed using fewer project
days. Most of all, when a client uses BARIC services the
Principals are directly involved with the process throughout
Things happen. A long litany of terrible events intended to
intimidate is not needed to impress upon one the need to
prepare for undesirable events. Not everything can be mitigated.
Identifying those risks that present the greatest impact on the
organization is the most responsible way to protect investors
and the reputation of management. Even if every risk at all level
of impact are not addressed, dealing with the most critical now
will serve to reflect due diligence.
* Identify your risks.
* Manage the risks that can be mitigated or eliminated.
* Prepare for those that you can not control.
Baric Continuity Services is a company that was formed by professionals with many years of experience in Business
Continuity Planning
, Incident Management, IT-Disaster Recovery Planning (ITDRP) and business in general. Our
team has extensive experience in developing Recovery Plans for a diverse number of industries and can bring their
experience to assist you in your particular situation.

Whether you are a large multi-national or a local organization, Baric Continuity Services has the background and
ability to assist you in your evaluation and planning needs. Our methodologies follow those of the Business
Continuity Institute (BCI) and the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI). Our professionals are all certified in by these
Institutes and by others in such as Information Systems, Security and the like.
BARIC Continuity Services Inc.
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